The Blog Tour Is Over: Lessons Learned

Before my blog tour started, I posted some of the lessons I had learned about planning it. Now that it has reached its conclusion, I wanted to take a few minutes to share the lessons I learned about doing it.

  1. Remember how I said to plan early? Do that, but also ensure that your hosts commit to a date early. Then follow-up to make sure they still have you on their schedule. Share the completed schedule with your hosts so they understand how they fit into the scheme ofthings and how important it is that they post you on the date they have agreed.
  2. Batch write your posts. I prefer to write most of my blog posts once a week, and this is a good schedule to keep up for your blog tour. You and your hosts have agreed on the topics, so you know what you need to write. Getting it out of the way early in the week means you will have time during the week to…
  3. Publicize your hosts daily. Do a daily post letting your readers know where you are, what you are talking about, and what your giveaway is. Also include links to your previous hosts so new followers can visit their blogs. The blog tour is a promotional tour for you, but it is also a way to share great blogs with your followers. You are both doing each other a favor and sharing your dedicated eyeballs with each other. If you are on Twitter, tweet about it. Post a link on Facebook or MySpace. Use your social media tools to engage your readers in their preferred location.
  4. Respond to comments. The great thing about social media is the ability to interact. When people post a comment to enter the drawing, respond to them. On an active blog, you don’t need to respond to each “Enter me in the drawing” post, but if someone talks about your post topic, an interview response you gave, or their reactions to your work, take the time to respond. Think about how you would feel if an author you like took two minutes out of her day to read your comments and speak directly to you. Give your potential fans that feeling.
  5. Keep in touch with your publisher. They can also help spread the word. Again, this is a win-win, because if you bring more attention to your book, you are also bringing attention to the rest of their catalog.

Have you done a blog tour? If so, please feel free to share your lessons learned. If not, feel free to ask questions. I may not know the answer myself, but one of the other readers might be able to help.

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  1. Great post once again. Sorry I’ve not been commenting. Work is taken over. But I do have something that you can read on my blog, a means of a thanks and apology!
    .-= Rebecca Emrich´s last blog ..Book Blogs and Publishing Houses =-.

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