Super-Cool Free Teaching Tool

I just heard about Collaborize the Classroom, a free online tool that lets teachers continue classroom discussions after class.

When I was working on the Journal of Research on Technology in Education and the various ISTE special interest group journals, I remember reading a lot of research highlighting the importance of online discussion forums for helping democratize classroom discussion. Students who were reluctant to participate in face-to-face discussions were often much more involved in online forum discussions.

Here are a couple articles I remember:

  • “Educators Revitalize the Classroom “Bulletin Board”: A Case Study of the Influence of Online Dialogue on Face-to-Face Classes from an Adult Learning Perspective.” K. King, JRTE, v33n4
  • “Exploration of Collaborative Learning and Communication in an Educational Environment using Computer-Mediated Communication,” Q. Li, JRTE, v34n4

If you are in Philly, stop by their booth at ISTE 2011. If you are sitting out this year’s conference, check out their website for more information.

And you can watch this video of the CEO on the Dylan Ratigan Show.