Saturday’s Blog Tour Stop: Stacy Bodin’s Blog

Today, my blog host is Stacy Bodin. Stacy asked me to talk about why I chose to do The Best of L&L collection.

I’m pleased that Stacy was able to host me, as hers is one of the articles included in the book and I enjoyed working with her so much on that article.

Her classroom activity, described in “Digesting a Story,” was such a fun project for her and her kids. They used food and related products to act out themed stories. The Easter stories, with chocolate bunny actors and easter grass landscapes, were videotaped and shared with parents.

The value in the activity is pretty obvious–it used technology to get students excited about writing. But a piece that might be overlooked is the important home–school connection it fostered. What a fun way to show parents what their kids are doing in school and get them engaged in their child’s learning!

Stop by Stacy’s blog to read my post, comment to enter the drawing, and find out a little more about Stacy.

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