Here are few of my favorite pieces: case studies, brand journalism, and more for education and technology companies.

Customer Case Studies

Stories of happy customers in magazine feature style.

Early Adopters Reveal How and Why They’re Using Windows 8
Windows 8 was a big change for users — which can be a huge headache for the IT staff that supports them.

In Pursuit of Harmony: IT and Instructional Personnel Share Success Stories
A look at how CDW’s clients in the Cabot Public School District in Arkansas bring IT and instructional staff together for great success.

Educators Reveal Why (and How) School Districts Are Adopting Tablets
A case study on the Gervais School District in Oregon.

Brand Journalism

Thought leadership pieces designed to establish clients’ credibility with their prospects.

Virtual Reality Check: Is VR for You?
An enterprise-level look at virtual and augmented reality for business purposes.

Do Natural User Interfaces Have a Place in Schools
Assigned piece on the future of user interfaces. The first of many articles for Ed Tech: Focus on K-12.

New School Year, New Technology
A look at various new technology possibilities for the beginning of the school year, including one implementation of Amplify tablets.

Don’t Suffer in Silos: Technology Breaks Down Walls
An exploration of technology’s power to connect people across distance — and departmental barriers.

Parent Fundraising Focuses on Ed Tech
How parent groups are raising funds for technology purchases and support in their schools.

Special Reports

White papers, ebooks, and other long-form pieces.

“Justifying Chrome Conversion: Making the Case for Chromebooks with Proven ROI”

Teachable Moments: Activities to Integrate Technology Into
Your Curriculum Year-Round
” (download link for Samsung Business white paper)

Getting Creative: Funding Solutions for Educational Technology” (download link for Samsung Business white paper)

Independent Journalism

Articles written on ed tech for independent outlets.

Integrating Programming with Core Curriculum, THE Journal
A look at how educators are moving coding and programming outside dedicated classes and into regular coursework.

In Some Cash-Strapped Schools, Kids Bring Their Own Tech Devices, KQED
BYOD in practice. The first of many articles I wrote for Mind/Shift, KQED’s ed tech-focused website.

Can Robots Grade Essays as well as Humans?, KQED
A look at automated essay graders — and the arguments for and against using them.

4 Effects of K-12 Coding Programs for Higher Ed, Campus Technology
How the focus on coding and programming in K-2 can affect higher education going forward.

Student-Created Video Games Enter Science Class
A featured resource in an ISTE white paper.


Ed tech blog posts written to meet clients’ needs.

How to Make Technology in Classrooms Effective and Exciting

How Emerging Technology in Education Is Enhancing the Classroom Experience” (More Samsung posts)

How to Build a Learning Culture

Training isn’t always the answer — So what’s the question?

How Special Education Technology Improves Learning


The Best of Learning & Leading with Technology
A selection of the best articles from volumes 31-35 of the magazine, plus the history of ISTE and a look to what the future is bringing for ed tech.

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