Interesting Ed Tech Stories This Week

Here are a few of the ed tech stories that caught my attention this week.

iPads Compulsory at Auckland School
One school’s solution to overbooked computers and not enough money to buy more? Ask parents to provide a portable computing option, with the iPad as the option of choice. Parents are not pleased, but the school sees no other way. What do you think?

Using Photographs to Teach Social Justice: Exposing Homelessness and Poverty
This is a great middle school activity.

K-12 Schools to See Double Digit Growth in E-learning through 2015
This piece in THE Journal shares some statistics on electronic learning in the U.S. and other countries.

National Academies Call for Science Education Makeover
Science teachers, how do you feel about this call for more consistent teaching methods?

What articles have you seen this week that you want to share?