Effective Social Media Is More Than “Set It and Forget It”

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I see a lot of businesses looking to hire freelancers to write a bunch of social media posts — and nothing else.

Then the freelancer or the company’s social media team schedules the updates. And no one ever goes back into the account until it’s time to schedule a new batch of posts.

Not surprisingly, these companies find that their investment in social media is ineffective, and they stop posting.

What can you do to make social media work better for your business?

You just need to add in one simple ingredient — time for follow-up.

Whether you go with staff or a freelancer for social media, ensure that you build in time to that person to review and respond to comments, tweet replies, and reviews.

In this example from my time as a staff social media manager, you can see that reviewing and responding to comments helped us quickly correct an issue.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 2.08.49 PM


We were trying to get our social media community to vote for the credit union in a local competition — but the voting links weren’t working. By responding quickly, we were able to get those links fixed and show that we were actively engaged in our social media. And we did win the competition that year.

If you’ve got staff doing social media, make sure they’ve got a daily calendar entry to check in on your various social media feeds.

If you use a freelancer, include social media monitoring and management in your retainer agreement. Also ensure that your freelancer is empowered to handle easy responses and that you respond quickly when the freelancer contacts you with a response he or she can’t handle.