Ed Tech Roundup, July 28

Here are a few of the ed tech stories that caught my attention this week.

Dyslexie, A Typeface Designed To Help Dyslexics Read
One school’s solution to overbooked computers and not enough money to buy more? Ask parents to provide a portable computing option, with the iPad as the option of choice. Parents are not pleased, but the school sees no other way. What do you think?

The 13 Best-Paying College Majors
You will note that all of these are in science, math, and engineering. This fact could help you steer students toward STEM careers–money talks, even to kids.

Turning the Tide
Eric Sheninger discusses the need to help parents and other stakeholders in the educational system see the value of technology. It makes me sad that this debate is still going on. Many of the people who want us to get back to “reading, writing, and arithmetic” are older and don’t see how not only education but also the world of work has changed since they were in school. My husband is an auto technician, and he uses a computer for just about every car that comes in. Many repairs involve just reprogramming the main computer in the car, not replacing parts or rebuilding major components.

The Role of Schools in Developing Student Social Skills
Miguel Guhlin makes a strong argument for schools’ role in fostering students’ social skills in both the physical and virtual worlds.

Cast Your NETS-S
A nice look at the NETS for Students and how Web 2.0 tools help address them.

So What Do They Really Know? by Cris Tovani
A review of this new book. The important nugget for me is the importance of knowing your students in providing them with an appropriate educational experience.

Reflections on the Iowa Education Summit
Scott McLeod shares his responses to what he saw at the summit. Did you attend? Did you have any further experiences you can share? Or, did you see anything at your local education gathering that was similar?

What articles have you seen this week that you want to share?