Ed Tech Roundup, February 1

Here are some of the most interesting articles and posts of the past week.

Should We Allow Students to Use Cell Phones in School
It is nice to see some reasoned thoughts on this topic. In a time when smart phones are often the only access poorer students have to the Internet, it seems unwise not to allow them to learn appropriate use of their cool tool.

One-to-One Laptop Programs Are No Silver Bullet
Read this article from the February issue of Educational Leadership. It gives some results and lessons learned now that our one-to-one programs have been around for a while.

Challenging the Gifted
This article describes an innovative academy for gifted students. What lessons can you take from this academy to help the gifted students in your educational setting?

The Best Ways for Students to Create Online Videos Using Someone Else’s Content
Using pre-created photos and video allows students to spend most of their time on content learning rather than video production. It also gives you a good opportunity to revisit the ethics of appropriate use of materials.

Amazing One Stop Website for iPad Resources for Education … There Really Is an App for That
This post describes a great place to find useful apps for education.

Education Is Power
This post is such a nice illustration of the power of technology for connecting students with real-life examples of what they are learning in the classroom.

Wanted: Ways to Assess the Majority of Teachers
Is there a chink in the armor of the high-stakes test as the be all, end all measure of educational effectiveness? A look at a project designed to make it easier to use other forms of assessment to evaluate teachers.

What articles, blog posts, and cool resources have you found over the past week that you are using to enhance student learning?