Ed Tech Roundup, August 11

Here are a few of the ed tech stories that caught my attention this week.

New Web Search Formulas Have Implications for Students and Societies
New search algorithms incorporate data about sites you like and visit often, using them to tailor your search results. What does that mean for students, who may spend much of their online time visiting sites that aren’t appropriate for education research? Will the more authoritative sources be buried simply because of students’ entertainment preferences?

How Students Use Technology
A nice graphical look at how students use technology. How can these stats improve your teaching?

50 Really USeful iPad 2 Tips and Tricks/strong>
A great list of ways to use your iPad in education.

An Open Letter to Principals: 5 Leadership Strategies for the New Year
As a principal, are you modeling these leadership behaviors? As a teacher, do you think these are the most important things your principal/department head/instructional leaders can do this year?